Connect With Tether Client

Download BubbleUPnP Tether Client v0.9.2

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BubbleUPnP Tether client is a simple Java command-line program that will make available on the LAN it is running Media Servers managed by BubbleUPnP Server on another LAN, with optional audio and video transcoding UPnP Tethering. It is only meaningful to run this client on a different LAN than BubbleUPnP Server.

Start it from the command-line with a BubbleUPnP Server connection URL specified with -connect and the login specified with -login. For example, on Windows ( on unix):

launch.bat -connect -login mylogin
[it will ask for BubbleUPnP Server password here]

Once started, you should be able to access tethered media servers from any UPnP program or device on the LAN the client is running. By default, a tethered media server network name is appended “[tether]” to be differentiated from regular UPnP devices.

Several options can be specified on the command line and in particular transcoding options:

-connect VAL
BubbleUPnP Server connection URL (eg, http://hostname:port or https://hostname:port)
-deviceNameSuffix VAL
Suffix appended to tethered UPnP device network names (default: “tether”). Allows to differentiate tethered devices from regular devices
Show command line help
-logLevel VAL
Enable logging to file
-login VAL
Login for BubbleUPnP Server
-password VAL
Password for BubbleUPnP Server. If unspecified it will be prompted interactively
Set this option to transcode only lossless audio to the bitrate specified by -transcodeAudioMaxBitrate
-transcodeAudioMaxBitrate N
Set this option to transcode to mp3, audio files whose original bitrate is higher than the specified bitrate. Valid values: 128, 192, 256, 320
-transcodeVideoContainer VAL
Video container format used for transcoded videos (default: “mpegts”). Valid values: “mpegts” for MPEG-TS and “matroska” for MKV. Use MKV to preserve embedded subtitles in transcoded video. MKV requires BubbleUPnP Server 0.6.5+
-transcodeVideoHeightPixels N
Transcode videos as a MPEG-TS stream of to the specified height in pixels. Audio is transcoded to MP3 128 Kbps. For example, to transcode videos to 480p, set this value to 480. Valid values: [120…1200]