Download APK. Android 4.1+ required.

As BubbleUPnP Server is meant to run continuously, an Android device always plugged to power is necessary in most uses cases. Always prefer running BubbleUPnP Server on a desktop computer or NAS if possible.

BubbleUPnP Server on Android has all the features of the PC/NAS version. The only limitation is that CPUs are less powerful on Android than on PC, which may be too slow for heavy video transcoding.

BubbleUPnP Server can run on any Android device running Android 4.1 or higher. The APK is a small launcher for the BubbleUPnP Server core whose latest version will be downloaded on first run.

As BubbleUPnP Server on Android is not distributed through Google Play, it will send a notification whenever a new updated APK is available. However, the BubbleUPnP Server core updates itself automatically by default, like the PC/NAS version.

IMPORTANT: if running BubbleUPnP Server for Android, make sure to stop any other BubbleUPnP Server instance on your network.